NSFKids: AJ Hawk Channels His Inner Johnny Cash

Flipping people off is still a thing, huh? The AJ Hawk bird… on repeat. Get it? Hawk. Bird.

Ah, yes… tell ’em who’s number one! This was already on my mind over the weekend before AJ Hawk even did it, as I remembered in a post how my dad used to say, upon seeing the ‘bird’, “Is that your IQ, or your number of friends?” Giving the middle finger, shoot ’em the finger, flipping the bird, flip-off, flick-off, the one-finger salute…whatever you call it, we’ve all done it. Pretty trivial and childish, if you want to know the origin of it, here’s the best I can find. When I dropped the headline for this article…”AJ Hawk Channels His Inner Johnny Cash.” I really thought I could use any number of names instead of Johnny Cash. He just happens to be my “flip-off guy”. I guess everyone has one, right? You should. You know, the one person you think of when you see somebody flip the bird? There have definitely been some amazing ones over time… so, who’s yours? Here are a few famous ones, some I hate, some I love…this first one is definitely a LOVE:

Amazing. Signed by Todd Duffey…how great is it that this dude signed this photo?

Indy Car’s Will Power and the double barrel bird.


My Lord… you’re a tripod.

Sexy Rexy.

Double-barrel Ethier.

Idiot moron tramp Gaga.


…and Vick.


Batshit crazy.

Katy Perry & Rihanna – pop star double whammy.

Real subtle, K-rod.

I’m sorry, what? The camera was rolling?

In closing… possibly the best bird ever. Goose.

Still don’t get it? Check out this amazing tutorial from “Flight of the Conchords


[Caster lobbed the Flight of the Conchords video, “you Scottish freak”. Mac helped come up with alternate names to ‘the bird’. AJ Hawk GIF by Tim Burke]

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