Fernando Valenzuela, Tony Gwynn, and Ken Caminiti

Man… the 1996 Padres brought the heat. Hard to believe that the marketing stunt that was Fernando Valenzuela in a Padres uniform landed him on one of the covers of TV Guide. TV Guide put each playoff team’s three “best” players on the collectors magazines. Gwynn and Cami 100% deserved to be on the cover. But they chose Fernando over names like Trevor Hoffman, Rickey Henderson, and Wally Joyner. (Rickey and Wally didn’t deserve it either) The much more deserving player would have been Steve Finley, who hit .298, had 30 jacks, and 95 RBI.

Regardless, this is just here to get you pumped up for the Major League Baseball season. Opening day is upon us, lobsters…. let us rejoice.


[pic via 90feet]

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