PHOTOS: San Diego Chargers New Nike Uniforms

So, I just combed through the internet and the twitverse to find photos of the new Nike uniforms the Bolts will be wearing. Here’s what I found, describes them, saying “The color scheme of the uniforms will not change but the technology behind the uniforms will.” Aside from the fabric and technology on the jerseys, the neck looks like the most obvious change, going with the dark blue.

Now for some photos from folks at the unveiling… including fan gear and accessories.

Wow… don’t know that I’ve ever seen Chargers gear with black type. I don’t mind it… kinda cool to mix it up. Some folks will be pissed about the black and the Raiders-esque-ness of it. Whatever. That’s silly. I think the new unis are slick looking. They’ll look amazing on perfect physical specimens like Ryan Mathews. Curious to how they’ll look on the lineman. Lobsters thoughts?


[pics via @chargers, @darrenrovell, and @uniwatch]

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