Behind the Scenes at Lauren Tannehill’s “MAGAZINE” Photo Shoot

**If you’re wondering why the word “MAGAZINE” keeps showing up in this post, let’s just say I was contacted by a certain “MAGAZINE”‘s legal department… Click here to see the email threats. Now, onto the original post**

Oh my dear Lord. Those are some amazing shorts. That’s the lovely and talented internet sensation, Lauren Tannehill, wife of Dolphins rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Lobshots has learned that she has indeed done a photo shoot for “MAGAZINE”, but “MAGAZINE” has yet to decide if they will run the photos and story of Mrs. Tannehill. We should know for sure if they have picked it up by next week, and how big the spread will be. Let me be the first to say that “MAGAZINE” is run by complete morons if they decide to NOT run these photos. Without further ado, here are the behind the scenes photos from the shoot, taken by the insanely talented photographer, Roger K. Snider, the same dude who has been shooting the Dos Equis, Most Interesting Man ad campaign for six years.

Shocking that HBO deciding on the Dolphins for this season’s Hard Knocks, huh?

I took the liberty of fixing the Dolphins Hard Knocks logo for series. Honesty first, HBO.

As for the “MAGAZINE” photo shoot, well, I saved the best photo for last…gulp.

That’s, uh… quite a pose, Lauren. An entire nation of young men now long to be your quarterback…


[all photos via Roger Snider, photographer to hot wives and big rigs alike. Thank you, sir]

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