LobShots Exploded the Internet Again: This Lauren Tannehill “NOT FOR MAXIM” Photo Shoot Is Out of Control

Let’s start this puppy off with a new picture from the now-infamous behind the scenes “Maxim” photo shoot with Lauren Tannehill. That’s the latest photo leaked from our photographer friend, Roger Snider. So, this has gotten out of control. The entire internet took the photos we put out there, along with the scoop that it was for Maxim, and now Maxim is threatening me… and the internet is exploding with Tannehill fever. To catch you up, LobShots broke a story on Friday about a Lauren Tannehill photo shoot. Here’s the back story: I stumbled upon Roger’s blog and sent him an email:

hey roger- just stumbled upon your blog, and saw the photoshoot of lauren tannehill. i run a sports culture blog out of san diego, and i plan on doing a post using your photos linking up your site. any insight i can give my readers into when/where the photoshoot will be in print?

his response:

Thanks Brady,

It is a shoot for Maxim. I will know for sure next tues as to whether or not it will run and how big of a story it will be.

Thanks for the props.
Best, Roger Snider

After a few more pleasantries, I put up the photo and the post… and I quote:

“Lobshots has learned that she has indeed done a photo shoot for “MAGAZINE”, but “MAGAZINE” has yet to decide if they will run the photos and story of Mrs. Tannehill. We should know for sure if they have picked it up by next week, and how big the spread will be. Let me be the first to say that “MAGAZINE” is run by complete morons if they decide to NOT run these photos.”

Yeah, I’ve since updated the words “Maxim” to read “MAGAZINE” because I got into a nice little email exchange with Maxim magazine today and they threatened to take legal action on me if I didn’t take their name off the post. In the original post, I clearly state that the shoot was for Maxim…not commissioned by Maxim. It’s called a “spec shoot”. Basically the photographer spends his own money for the shoot, with the hopes to sell the photo story to a magazine. This photo story… was intended for Maxim. Period. As I stated, they’d ‘yet to decide if the will run the photos‘. Well, guess what… MORE BREAKING NEWS!!! Maxim magazine is NOT running this Lauren Tannehill photo shoot. Rather, they are going to aggressively go after anybody saying that they had anything to do with the shoot. I said we’d know by next week… I was right. They aren’t picking it up. I was also right about something else… they’re morons. More on that later.

Now I’m seeing news come out on other websites making claims. Erik Bechtol, manager for Page.713, Tannehill’s modeling agency, “That was a spec shoot designed to be sent out and Maxim was one of the options…A lot of blogs have reported that it was for Maxim and that is not accurate as of now.” Well, actually, it started with one blog: LobShots, bitches. Then everybody else. Who’s everybody, bp? I dunno… to name a few… USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Deadspin, Barstool Sports, The Big Lead, NFL.com, the front page of Yahoo.com and countless other blogs and news outlets. All claiming the shoot was for Maxim. Best part? It was all because I said so… and not a single one of them came to me to ask how I discovered it was for Maxim. Not one. Part of me takes that as a huge compliment because that means I’m a credible source. Another part is absolutely baffled that everybody just assumed I knew what the hell I was talking about.

That’s how the internet works these days, right? Somebody just claims something and everybody and their mother runs with it? Good grief. I could’ve claimed anything. And to every one of you big time poachers that chose to not credit me as the source… NFL.com, Yahoo.com… I’m talking to you… serves you right. Do your damn homework. Everything I said was correct… but when it’s twice removed from your monkey’s uncle… all the sudden it’s “definitely for Maxim”. No, it’s not… it never was. Read, people. Let’s take a quick break and stare at one more behind the scenes shot…

Now, on to Maxim magazine. I took their name off the original post because 1. I don’t need them suing me, and 2. The photographer asked me to, and out of respect for him, I obliged. Here’s how the emails went down… I received an email from the Director of Photography at Maxim Magazine, and all this was this morning, prior to my knowledge that Maxim had informed the photographer they would not be picking up his photo blog. Let’s call her Andrea.

Please remove the Maxim name from your website related to this behind the scenes of Lauren Tannehill.

Maxim did not commission this shoot and are not involved with it in any way.


Thank you,

My response:

Hi Andrea –
Brady Phelps here. LobShots.com is my website. So am I to understand that no photos from this photo shoot will be used in Maxim?
Thank you.

Andrea’s response:

These aren’t Maxim photos and have no connection to a Maxim photo shoot of any kind.  Please correct your editorial content to reflect that.

My response:

Hello again Andrea – Thank you for your email.
You made it clear that Maxim had no connection to the photos or the photo shoot… but you didn’t really answer my question: “So am I to understand that no photos from this photo shoot will be used in Maxim?” I would hate for Maxim to say that these photos have nothing to do with them, only to have them show up in your magazine. My readers will be curious as to why I’m changing my content to reflect that these image are NOT FOR MAXIM… so I intend to inform them of our exchange as the reason I am changing the post.

In addition, why wouldn’t Maxim want Lauren Tannehill in your magazine? The photos on my website are amazing, and the buzz that they have generated across the internet has been huge. I’d have thought Maxim might actually be thankful for all the free publicity I’ve generated for your magazine.

Andrea’s response:

We have no intention on running these photos.

My response:

Hi Andrea!
This has been an absolute pleasure emailing with you. Thank you for taking to the time to answer all of my questions.
If I choose to not change my post at all, what are the repercussions of that? I’m asking for a friend…

Andrea’s response:

In that case, I’d assume that you were intentionally trying to mislead people into believing these were Maxim photos and refer this to our Legal Dept for further action.

My response:

Ms. Volbrecht –
Although I’d love to get to know your legal department in the same way that you and I have become acquainted, I have taken your MAXIM name off the post. I trust this settles our matter.
I did this at the photographer’s request. I’d like to point out, it will be a real shame if another magazine gets those photos instead of Maxim. Not even Kate Upton, SI swimsuit cover girl, is as hot of a commodity as Lauren Tannehill is right now. You know, the smoking hot wife of a NFL quarterback. For Maxim to not capitalize on that…to not print a photo story of her to coincide with release of HBO’s Hard Knocks… well, that’s just a poor business decision…right? Nah, I’m probably wrong. Who am I, a blogging dim-wit, to know what’s best for a global powerhouse like Maxim?  It’s not like I spend hours every day with my finger on the pulse of Maxim’s primary demographic, fellow lovers of sports, pop culture, and girls. You’re Maxim, you know what you’re doing. I respect Maxim. The fact that you took the time email me about this issue in the first place, means they’re obviously over-staffed…and helping America’s woeful employment situation. For that, I thank you. We all thank you.
Sincerely yours,
-Brady Phelps, Founder, LobShots.com

The oddest thing happened after that… she didn’t respond. The internet’s a funny thing.

You never know what’s gonna happen or who’s gonna get a scoop. A valid argument could be made that I cost that photographer, Roger Snider, a spread with Maxim. On the flip side… he probably got millions of hits of the past couple of days because of me. He’s a household name. As he should be. Not through LobShots.com, per se, but if I never post my article… Deadspin never picks it up, Hot Clicks at SI doesn’t link it up, and Yahoo.com would’ve never had this as their lead image today…

So, now… Lauren Tannehill is the hottest commodity on the planet… and the morons over at Maxim don’t want her. Fine. Who does then? I’m not kidding. Those photos are locked up and ready to be released to the highest bidder. Who’s it gonna be? I’m pulling for Esquire. I love Esquire.

Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen on the internet tomorrow…



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