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That’s the most ridiculous photo I could find of Showman and me. I have no clue why he’s sitting on top of me… and I have no clue why I’m sitting on the pavement of a filthy street in Manhattan. I do know that it was after a long day of fun in NYC that started with a Yankees/Padres day game. Anyway, that made me laugh. So there ya have it.

Over this past year, I’ve taken a lot of heat saying that I hide behind the veil of “BP” like it’s my alter ego or something. That’s just silly as I’ve said many times here on Lobshots that my name is Brady Phelps, and even posted pictures of myself. Regardless, I get people giving me crap. So, here’s my coming out party… out of the BP anonymous blogging closet. Myself, and my team of stallions. Because of the scrutiny and because we’ve got nothing to hide… I updated our “about us” page to reflect a little something about each one of us… and a photo. The photos are my favorite, because aside from Showman repping America… the rest of the photos don’t really look anything like us.

My photo is with my wife on Halloween… I was a Bears superfan and she was a cheerleader. Amazing how some shades and a mustache changes the way you look. Showman on the 4th of July. Mac is wide-eyed and in full possessed-fan mode. That’s Caster’s Christmas card photo where he looks just like Doc Holliday. As for Body, well… he’s in the shower with a glass of wine and sheepish grin. Sounds about right. Welp, here we are, as it’s written in our about us page… until we change it to something better.


As long time fans of good blogs… we decided we’re more clever than any sites on the web. Therefore, we felt obligated to start our own. Out of San Diego, we’re pitching a tent at the corner of sports and pop culture. As always, if you lob it up, we’ll take a shot at it…

The Players:

Brady Phelps (bp)Editor-in-Chief, Founder
Known for starting fights, only to break them up… the only thing he loves more than artichokes are his wife, two kids, and that Jesus guy.



Greg Bowman (showman)Co-Founder, Associate Editor
A man of many talents, co-founding the 8-letter will go down as his life’s greatest accomplishment...if you don’t count everything else he’s ever done.



Andy McDonald (mac)Contributing Writer
Mac is tall, handsome and incredibly loyal… but he thinks you’re a real hooker, and will slap you in public.


Bryan Caster (caster)Contributing Writer
Caster is 20% rational, 15% lover of pizza, 30% chance he’s napping, 10% objective, and 25% selfish.   summed up…100% enjoyful.



Scott Holthaus (body)Contributing Writer
A sensitive soul with a heart of gold… he’s gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don’t, send it right back.

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