These pictures are wonderful. Why would anyone say that photos of people getting arrested and the punched in the face are wonderful, you ask? Because they serve as confirmation to my post about what it’s like to be a Chargers fans at a MNF season opener in Oakland. It’s awful. I had taken a small group of high school students to the game, stating:

Since they were young, I told them they weren’t allowed to wear any Bolts gear or colors. Just dress normal. That worked. The second we walked through the parking lot, Raider fans started calling us “coward s” and “pussies”, throwing trash and beer cans at us as we walked by. I quickly discovered that if you’re not wearing something with Raiders logos all over it, or dressed in all black… you are the enemy. Didn’t even have to wear the visiting team’s colors. If you were not in their colors, they knew.

See the dude fighting up top? That’s how Chargers fans think they have to dress because they’re afraid of death if they wear Chargers blue. So they go neutral… and as those photos confirm…things don’t end well…there is no neutral in Oakland. How ’bout the chick taking a swing at the cops with a cuff? Bat. Shit. Crazy. Good thing she didn’t run into these lovely Chargers fans, because it would’ve gotten ugly fast.

Of course I don’t know for a fact that the dude in a tan jacket is a Bolts fan, or that he didn’t start the fight… but I’d put money down that I’m right.


[First saw these pics on Bolts from the Blue… then grabbed these ‘click to enlarge’ versions from Deadspin.]

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