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These pictures are wonderful. Why would anyone say that photos of people getting arrested and the punched in the face are wonderful, you ask? Because they serve as confirmation to my post about what it’s like to be a Chargers … Continue reading

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Cute Chargers Fans in the Black Hole

Honestly, I have no idea if that’s in the Black Hole… I just know that it’s perfect. Ecstatic, bubbly, cute female Chargers fans hammin’ it up for the camera, surrounded by pissed off Raiders fans. It’s perfect. Click to enlarge … Continue reading

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Chargers Fan Screengrabs…

So, this Chargers luchador fan showed up on my TV to start the game. Standard. …and this Chargers fan showed up to finish the game. (no word on whether or not that red-coated security guard in the back is Captain … Continue reading

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Chargers Fans Love Face-Paint

This is a screen-shot of a Chargers fan from the Dolphins/Chargers game that most of San Diego missed unless they were watching online or at the Murph. Darren Rovell tweeted it, and TheBigLead blogged it. Not bad. However, I’d like … Continue reading

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