Major Mix Up at XX1090 – Dave & Jeff Gone, Josh & Charod Gone, Scott & BR Back

**UPDATE: It’s Official… Scott and BR are BACK on XX1090**

So, this post will be ever-changing I’m sure, but there are some major changes going on over at XX1090. Last night, Dave and Jeff both sent out tweets saying that their morning show was done. I’m hearing that it was Dave that got fired, and so Jeff quit, which would make sense since Scott Kaplan asked him this question, “why resign?

So, who replaces Dave and Jeff? Many wondered if it would be Scott and BR, who Dave and Jeff replaced in the first place… a decision that was surrounded by controversy. This morning, we found out. Dave and Jeff have been replaced with Hacksaw. This has to be viewed as a huge promotion for Hacksaw, which is comical since the last time I wrote about him, it was regarding his huge demotion.

This is horrible news to anybody with a brain. Hacksaw is exactly that… a hack. What I’ve discovered is that San Diegans are incredibly opinionated when it comes to their sports radio hosts. I think Hacksaw is an absolute buffoon… an industry dinosaur that has become a caricature of himself. I immediately change the channel if he’s on.

That brings us to the question of Scott and BR. They’ve got the Scott, BR & Amber show going over at UT-TV… so mornings don’t make sense.

Well, my sources tell me that they’ve been working on a deal to come back to XX1090 for months. In the next few days, this should come to fruition. The U-T has reported something similar this morning. I’ll get more into that later. Back to Scott and BR… funny that they tweeted that all comments are speculation, when it was the newspaper they work for that posted an article about them coming back to xx1090. How’s that work? **UPDATE: Looks like the U-T has been reading Lobshots, they took down any mention of Scott and BR from their initial report that I linked above. I imagine that had something to do with their employee, Scott Kaplan, saying to Papa Doug, “Sir, please take that down. Thanks.”** Also funny that after saying comments are speculation, Scott didn’t have any problem retweeting, “About damn time …. “Can’t wait” ….GREAT FRIENDS!!!! ” I wrote about them back when Scott was fired from XX1090, and it was one of the more polarizing blogs I’ve ever posted, generating over two-hundred comments. I discovered that many listeners HATE Scott and BR. People are more opinionated about them than I am about Hacksaw.

I know that Scott has said some things that have gotten him in hot water, and made a lot of people angry. The comments that many think led to his demise, are the exact same type of comments that led to his popularity. He’s a straight shooter, doesn’t hold back, and what he says will offend some people. Me? Scott and BR always made me laugh. I never listened to much morning talk radio, but when I did… it was Scott and BR and I was entertained. I listened to Dave and Jeff once, never again. Now, if I have a choice, I listen to Ben Higgins over at XTRA1360.

Okay, moving along from Scott and BR speculations… their return will supposedly be from 3pm-7pm. This is a huge blow to fans of the Darren Smith Show. I like a lot of the San Diego sports radio personalities, but in my opinion, Darren is the best. Darren had this and this to say on twitter. Classy as always. His show is polished and well produced by Marty Caswell. To get bumped to the 12-3pm slot, by Scott and BR, is a sub-plot in and of itself. Marty has a personal beef with Kaplan. Anybody who follows her on twitter knows that. Once the twitter chatter started up about the rumors, she offered up two tweets. “Terrible”, and then this one. It will be interesting to see if she can bite her tongue when it comes to her frustrations about the changes at xx1090. Either way, shocked to hear that Darren’s show, of all the shows, is getting bumped to a lesser time slot. Makes no sense.

Now for the news I did not see coming. Josh Rosenberg and Charod Williams are gone. They tweeted this out to confirm. That’s a shocker to me… how we live in a San Diego sports media world where these guys get booted from the air, and Hacksaw gets promoted to mornings… is beyond me. You can add this to list of crazy things going on at xx1090. Also, if Jim Rome is coming over to xx1090 from xtra1360, I wouldn’t be surprised if Josh and Charod went back to their old stomping grounds… assuming they didn’t burn any bridges when they left for 1090. Hopefully that’s the case, as I really enjoyed their banter over the radio waves.

John Kentera is expected to keep his 7-10pm slot. Honestly, Coach seems like a great dude. I just never listened to him. So no real comment there. Also, Jim Rome joins CBS Radio on Jan. 2, so, as I mentioned above, you can expect that to be carried on 1090. Where he’ll fall in the timeslot, I don’t know. Not sure if it will be live, or on delay like Dan Patrick is on xtra1360. Also, now is as good a time as any to say that I really appreciate Craig Elsten on xx1090 – whether it’s on the weekends, or when he covers for another host on vacation. He does a stand up job. Follow Craig on twitter here.

So, the XX1090 changes are as follows: Josh and Charod are gone. Dave and Jeff are gone. Hacksaw is in the mornings. Those are the facts. Speculation is that the Darren Smith Show is going to get bumped from the 2-5pm slot to 12-3pm to make room for Scott and BR from 3pm-7pm.

To my knowledge, the lovely and talented Amber Mesker will not be joining the boys on the radio, and she’ll keep doing the UT-TV show in the mornings with Scott Kaplan. If you’re a betting man… you can bet that Billy Ray Smith will no longer be on UT-TV, as he will focus solely on the radio gig. You can also bet that they will pitch this as a mutual agreed upon departure… it won’t be, but they’ll say it is. (That’s speculation on my part. – insert “If I’m wrong, and I’m never wrong…” Princess Bride quote here.)

I’m sure there are more changes to comes… and speculations to become reality… and I’ll keep you posted on the all the xx1090 shenanigans.


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