BALCO East Highlights Yasmani Grandal’s PED Use. YAY!

Wow. Just read Tim Elfrink’s crazy story in the Miami New Times about a Miami “anti-aging clinic” that supplied PEDs to Alex Rodrigez, Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, and our hometown hero, Yasmani Grandal! The story gets into crazy detail about these guys, and I’ll show you all the Yasmani stuff if you don’t have time to read the whole article.

Just below Cabrera in the 2012 notebook is a baseball player whom Bosch calls “Josmany,” with the nickname of “Springs.” On a separate client list from June 2012, he writes that “Springs” is Josmany Grandal.

Although the first name is misspelled, the notations likely refer to Yasmani Grandal, the former star catcher for the University of Miami Hurricanes who once tore up the high school leagues playing for Miami Springs.

Grandal had a terrific rookie season for the San Diego Padres last year, batting .297 with eight home runs, but then — just like Cabrera — he was caught with elevated testosterone levels in November and banned for 50 games. In his notebook, Bosch says of Grandal: “Deliver April 4 (in person or by mail). He is in Tucson. Waiting for his call to see if he can drive to Phoenix. Payment will be made by his [illegible], $500 of expenses.”

(Tucson is about three hours from the Padres’ spring training complex in Peoria, Arizona, where the team would have been holed up at the time.)

On another page, beneath a phone number for “Josmany’s girlfriend,” is a lengthy regimen for morning and evening HGH injections, for “six days on and one day off,” with testosterone and IGF-1 treatments as well. “Pink cream prior to game,” he writes, later adding a troche with 15 to 20 percent testosterone “prior to game.”

Damn. That’s a lot of trust to be putting in your girlfriend, isn’t it? Crazy how these guys cheat in such a calculated fashion. How is he not just nervous as hell, constantly looking over his shoulder? “Hey Yazman! What’s that pink crap you’re rubbing all over? Bengay?” “Uh, yeah, bengay.” Just nuts. If Headley had not had such an awesome 2012 season, the only feel good part of the Padres last season would’ve been Grandal’s play… which all went to crap when he got busted. Pisses me off.

Oh, and if you think for a second I’m not calling him “Springs” from now until eternity, well, you don’t know me at all. Oh, and another thing… isn’t the whole point of using nicknames for dudes so that the written records can never be linked to them? That doesn’t really work when you write their real name next to their nicknames, you morons.


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