Padres Public Revealed

As I told you in my previous blog… Padres Public is not an actual bar, but it is an actual Padres blog. A Padres super blog, if you will. There are a lot of Padres bloggers out there that love baseball and love beer. This should be a fun place for them to all come together and write about both. Here are a few clues from their haiku tweets yesterday.

I have received confirmation from sources that these guys are indeed involved, as well as a few other Padres blogs that I will not name. Yes, SOURCES! The Padres MLB team has nothing to do with this blog. Surprised they don’t care about the actual name “Padres” being used in the blog name. Regardless, now that I know what it is, and who is behind the mystery of Padres Public, I’ve decided to not reveal all of them… so that there’s reason for you all, the readers, to check ’em out for their big unveiling on 2.4.12. *update: I was told I could reveal a few more blogs. woohoo! SacBunt, Ghost of RAK, & the triumphant return of Ducksnorts have been added to the top image* Would suck for them if I just rained on their entire debut parade.

Even bloggers that aren’t part of the core group have a solid chance of making an appearance on this blog… celebrity writers galore… so keep an eye out. (insert winky face here)


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