Kate Upton is on Her 2nd Straight Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover, Will Anyone Believe Me Now About the New SI “Swim Daily” Blog?

Boom! There’s Kate Upton for *allegedly* her 2nd straight SI Swimsuit cover. I’m not allowed to mention Kate Upton without at least mentioning the time she proposed to me and sent me a photo of herself in wedding lingerie. No joke, click the link. Anyway, anything look familiar on this new SI cover? Anything at all? Like, oh, I dunno… a font, maybe?

Four days ago, I stumbled upon the test pages for a new Sports Illustrated site called “Swim Daily”. Soon after my post, the link to the new site no longer linked up, but went directly to SI.com. The test post looked like this… now it’s gone.

This is the part where everybody jumps up and down and high-fives because SI is going to run a blog that will apparently be similar to the SI Vault that Andy Gray runs, only with girls in swimsuits. When asked, Andy Grayplead the fifth“… which of course means, “I’m not allowed to talk about it yet.” Boom, how ya like me now!?

Strap on your seat-belts kids, because there’s a new swimsuit site coming your way.

bp Columbo

[h/t to TBL for cover photo]

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