The Sports Page with Acee & Annie… Bolts vs. Pads


Last night I went into the U-T TV studios with John from Bolts from the Blue and Rick from RJ’s Fro. John was the photographer for that lovely photo of me up top. If you look closely, you can see Annie’s lipstick on the straw. Yes, I recognize that if I took the time to buy that stupid hat, I should’ve gone to In-N-Out too…and put on a chain, and a black t-shirt, and grown a beard… I suck.

Back to the show, we debated with Kevin Acee and Annie Heilbrunn on The Sports Page. The topic was Padres vs. Chargers. Give it a look-see for yourself.

We had a good time… cue every Chargers fan not having a sense of humor and getting pissed about my Keenan Allen hat tribute.


[if the video’s not working, you can find it here]

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