Mike Trout – 1, Padres – 0


Mike Trout, the true MVP* of 2012, hit for the cycle last night. A feat that no Padres player has ever accomplished. Very impressive effort. Like all things in baseball nowadays… there’s some controversy surrounding the event. As Dan Levy points out, looks like Trouty was clearly out on the single. Screengrab evidence:


Looks pretty clear to me, which is a bummer because I love Trout and don’t want the national media questioning the awesomeness of what he did. We do, however, need to hold the umpires and Selig accountable. In addition there was some confusion on how this feat of Trout’s played out in the history books… since he was safe at first and all.

I tweeted out a fan photo from Angels stadium showing this: “Just amazing.¬†Mike Trout becomes the youngest player to hit for the cycle since Mel Ott in 1929”


Shortly after, Cork Gaines tweeted this, “It would appear that ESPN and the Angels are at odds on this”


Arky Vaughn and Cesar Cedeno, huh? Turns out that ESPN was correct. MLB? Not so much. That fun¬†little ‘whoops’ from the @Angels and @MLB twitter feeds led them to delete their tweets suggesting he was the youngest since Ott to hit for the cycle. Sports Illustrated even retweeted the false information.


Happens to the best of us… either way, congrats Trouty.


*yes, I think he got robbed. triple crown schmiple crown

[photos via AP]

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