Quote of the Year From Philip Rivers Inspires Two Clueless National Media Tweets


First things first… it’s clear to me that Philip Rivers reads Lobshots and saw how pissed I got at ESPN for this Monday Night Football ad that features Andrew Luck and only Andrew Luck. Here’s a video of the shot Rivers took at ESPN from Ben Higgins. Here’s the Luck commercial:

YouTube Preview Image

This is obviously what Rivers was referencing in his post-game quote. Just an amazing quote. Translation: “Don’t underestimate the Chargers, America… don’t do what ESPN did.” Anyway, this quote just got better this morning. Why, you ask? Because Darren Rovell chimed in on Rivers’ quote.


What in the hell? “Looks like Rivers was talking about MNF ads that just featured Luck.” Ya think, Darren? “Could have meant both?” Doubt it. I mean, I guess I understand that if you’re not paying attention… if you don’t have the finger on the pulse of Chargers football, you might think that Rivers was talking about all the SNF hype regarding next week: Colts vs. Broncos. But c’mon… if you’ve got over 400,000 followers, you better damn well know what the hell you’re talking about if you’re gonna insert (parentheses clarifications) into quotes. You just put words into Philip Rivers’ mouth. Incorrect words. Not cool.

At first I just thought he got Peyton and Luck mixed up. An accidental and forgivable Colts QB gaff. Nope. He was just clueless. Amazing how clueless the national media can be when they start poppin’ off about local markets… pretending like they know what the hell they’re talking about. Good news, Darren… you aren’t alone. In fact, you’re in great company.


“Bingo.” Yup, nailed it, Bayless. Knocked it out of the park. Moron.


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