A Beautiful Brown Padres Uniform Redesign



(click each image to enlarge in high-res)

These are fantastic. As a long time supporter of the Bring Back the Brown movement in San Diego, I love these.

I asked the creator of these Padres uniform mockups (and photoshop master), John Brubaker, to comment on his creation. His inspiration? Tony Gwynn, of course.

How many teams have blue? How many have red? But none of ’em have brown… I just thought there was something neat about that. I just thought it looked beautiful. More than just beautiful, I liked the sentiment behind it of, ‘This is who we are.’ – Tony Gwynn

John: I couldn’t explain the motivation for this uniform redesign project any better than the late, great Tony Gwynn put it right there. Brown is who the Padres are. Every time the Padres wear brown they stand out from the crowd and become immediately recognizable as the San Diego Padres. When you see them wearing brown, you forget about the team that has sheepishly changed their uniforms a dozen times in their short history, and instead see a bold, unique team from San Diego that’s confident in who they are and proud of their identity.


Thanks, John! Great work. Your move, Mike Dee and Wayne Partello.


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