Padres Let Bloggers Announce 2015 Promotional Items


The Padres marketing team is pretty smart. Last night, they let local bloggers announce a handful of the team’s promotional giveaway items for the 2015 season. 



Why is this smart, you ask? I’ll tell you. They picked a few bloggers (read: glorified fans, and the glorified part is highly debatable) and they let them tweet out upcoming promotions. This gave us bloggers a sense of inclusion and appreciation, deserved or not. It gave us exposure because the @Padres official account retweeted the announcements, so the information still got out the same as it would’ve had the Padres announced it themselves. Smart move on their part… and it worked. They got #PadresPromos trending.

Now, bring on the “team shill” talk from the internet peanut gallery. So, what do you think of the promotions? HUGE fan of the brown pinstripes. Go Radres! 

*update* click here for a complete list of the 2015 Padres promotional items. also…



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