Let Me Talk To The Horse…

lasorda horse

Uncle Teddy is back! The Padres are okay? We are fired up for the World Cup! Has Landon Donovan lost his mind? Who cares about Phil’s rolling putt? Remember how mad you were when you didn’t get one of our exclusive 1 of 36 ProtoFriar 1985 Padres hats? Well you’re in luck! The greatest giveaway in the history of the Zero Chance Pod is live!

Tommy Lasorda is 90 years old and threatening horses.

And what is baseball’s version of an own goal? The walk-off-walk, or the Jose Canseco head home run? Let’s get into it!

P.S. Bird scooter will send you a free helmet! Shipping is only $1.99. Safety first, fellow dorks!

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