Slobshots! King of the Haters!


We’re back at Thunderhawk Alements with a live audience! We talk World Cup, and how missing the next round based on yellow cards is garbage. We talk Landon Donovan, who MIGHT/MAYBE/POSSIBILITY/PROBABLY WON’T join us on a podcast coming soon. Hear the tale of Brady’s week involving copious amounts of blood that sent kids screaming in fear and running to their parents. Session Fly Fishing reels absolutely crushed their Kickstarter goal, you only have a week left to get yours before the campaign closes! How many San Diego sports podcasts have more average listeners than Dan Sileo? How to his numbers compare to Dave, Shelley, and Chainsaw? Also, who really bought all of those followers for Lil Silz? Was it really him? Is he really that dumb? Well, if his Media Cop Killer burner account is any indication… yes. We get into it. Are the rumors true? Is Kevin Klein about to pop up on another Entercom station? Gross. Stay tuned til the end to hear about Rick’s amazing weekend!

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