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Yogi Berra’s Granddaughter is Awesome

“A home opener is always exciting, whether it’s at home or on the road.” Gramp, on the way to #Yankees #OpeningDay! pic.twitter.com/SiElT1iAYE — Lindsay Berra (@lindsayberra) April 7, 2014 So good. -bp

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Yao Ming Retires

Are you serious with this picture?!?! Yao Ming, topless, running with a face only his mother could love, next to the Chinese women’s national power walking team!! Jackpot. Anyway, Yao Ming retired today, which was shocking news to me.  I could … Continue reading

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“I’m the Charlie Sheen of baseball…”

Yogi Berra was baseball’s king of quotable quotes. We all know that. Who’s to replace him with one line goldmines? My buddy LT sends me an IM, “Guess the author of this gem: ‘I’m the Charlie Sheen of baseball… just … Continue reading

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