Hey Coco Crisp… Nice Neck, Bro

Even though he’s only a mediocre ballplayer, Coco Crisp seems to grace the LobShots pages often. There was his amazing afro. There was his DUI (this DUI post, btw… is probably the worst I’ve ever written). Now there’s this crazy surface piercing on his neck. A bullseye tattoo/piercing combo. Fashion Ump at Yahoo was all over this thing. Personally, it creeps me the eff out. If I had any photoshop skills whatsoever, I’d put Colin Farrell’s BullsEye face on his neck lined up that piercing with his forehead. You know what I’m talking about. How rad would that be? Here’s my 5 second Bitmap Paint version of what I’m talking about. Back off, I said 5 seconds.

Go photoshop nerds. Go forth. Make it happen. Preferably without the giant white box. Here’s a huge bullseye pic for you to use. Come back to me and you will get a post devoted to your amazing work.


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