“The Smurfs” is Easily the Next “Braveheart”

I don’t even know why I feel so compelled to share this… but I do. Every time I see an ad or commercials for this movie, it makes my skin crawl. “The Smurfs” will go down as the stupidest movie of 2011, and possibly the decade. I hate it already. I haven’t seen it, and I hate it. I’ll never see it, and I hate it. Like any other kid born between, I don’t know… 1975 and 1985, I watched the Smurfs cartoon as a kid. It was just another cartoon…nothing special. But now, someone got the bright idea to turn it into a movie? So freaking dumb. Neil Patrick Harris. What are you thinking? Just when your career started to not suck, you go and pull a friggin’ Jason Lee on us? Such a bad career move. I hope they paid you a billion dollars because that’s what they’d have to pay me to watch this crap. Unless of course, Katy Perry was there. Then I would totally go for free.

Hmmm… I wonder if that picture of Katy Perry is photoshopped?


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