A-Rod Is Neither Hipster or Nerd… He is a Pimp

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

That title was painful to type. HBT put up this post: Photo of the day: Is Alex Rodriguez a nerd or a┬áhipster? It included the two photos you see above. I offer you this : neither, he is a pimp. I never shy away from mocking A-Rod as noted here and here. However, that’s not just some chick leaning in and chatting him at the Lakers game… that’s Cindy Crawford. That’s Cindy Crawford. That’s CINDY CRAWFORD.

In my adult life, I’ve gone through tons of celebrity/model crushes… Kate Beckinsale, Paulina Gretzky, Erin Andrews, and Olivia Wilde to name a few. Oh, then there was that time that Kate Upton proposed to me. Those are fun and all…totally harmless. But none of them compare to my first crush, Cindy Crawford. She was the first girl I’d ever seen that literally made my jaw drop. I give you the poster that was on my wall in Jr. High:

If memory serves, and it rarely does… I had hit up the Sam Goody at the mall for about a month before I finally pulled the trigger on this poster…snuck it home, and tossed it up behind my bedroom door. I’m guessing about two weeks went by before my mom was in my room with the door closed, because one day I came home from school and it was gone… coupled with a look of disappointment from Mom. Whatever…well worth it.

Here’s two more pics from the Lakers game.

Moral of the story: Cindy Crawford is sitting with A-Rod courtside at the Lakers game. She’s got her husband on one side, and he’s making out with his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson, who is former wrestling diva and a 2004 Playboy cover model, on the other side. And right in front of both of their faces, A-Rod’s got Cindy Crawford leaning in and jockin’ him, whispering sweet, sexy nothings into his ear with the whole world watching. So, hipster or nerd? I’ll take C) PIMP…. whether I like it or not.


(aside: is ‘snuck’ a word?)

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