Hacksaw Calling Me “Slobshots” Wins The Day

Slobshots, Captain of the Haters Team here. Apparently all my friends are “guys fired”, “demoted members media” and “partimers.” I guess we can add spelling to Mahan’s list of virtues. Obviously I didn’t listen to Mahan’s show this morning to see if he apologized for lying to his listeners, but I’ll just assume he didn’t. He did, however, grace me with a few tweets. What you see above… and this, which includes responses he got to the tweet:

Sweet. So Mahan actually planned my blog ripping him. His wizardry knows no bounds. Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but he really is a “delusional narcissist.” I have received as much feedback from the Hacksaw blog as I have from any piece I’ve ever written. Not just from you lobsters, whom I love… but from the San Diego media. It has mostly been positive and encouraging. However, that would be the easy thing to do… to just tell you about all the praise I’ve been getting for exposing a fraud. Well, I’m not here to take the easy way out, so I offer you a few tweets in defense of Hacksaw.

The Anchorman tweet is just funny. I haven’t been called “Brades” since I was six by one of the neighborhood kids’ mom, and well… it’s safe to say that the “Your a tool” tweet is my favorite of all-time.

Moving on, the comments section in my original blog are actually pretty intriguing. There are some people that defend Hacksaw in a rational matter. I tried to respond in an equally rational fashion. I’d encourage you to go check them out.

The main theme of those defending Mahan is this… “Leave him alone, you’re just jealous of his audience, he’s an old man so of course he can’t use twitter, you’re the loser for wasting your time on such a meaningless topic.” It’s an opinion that some of you have, and that’s fine. To me, this topic isn’t about a few tweets that he lied about, and a few “Peters” he ripped into… it’s about something deeper. It’s about Mahan going on air, day in and day out, and being dishonest with his listeners. Flat out lying. Often.

There’s a lot of hard working San Diego sports media people out there. Mahan is dragging down all of them. It’s not right.

I know that “moron” and “liar” are strong words. Moron is subjective, so that’s my opinion. Liar is not. That’s a fact, and that’s what he is. So, let me ask you this…all of you. If somebody wrote those things about you, wouldn’t you immediately defend yourself if what was said about you was false? I freaking would. I’d fight to the death, figuratively speaking. It’d be one thing if he just didn’t see it… or decided to take the high road by not responding. But he did respond. He did see it. Hell, he follows me on twitter. He saw everything. He’s done nothing to defend himself except for calling me a “hater.” That’s the defense of a 4 year old child. “Hating” is something you do to someone without any reasoning or merit whatsoever, right? Because that’s not at all what I did. You want to know what a “hater” is? Dave Chappelle can tell you all about it.

I welcome criticism when it is merited. If it’s not merited, I will defend myself. So, although Hacksaw defenders have every right to defend him… just know this… he’s not even defending him. He can’t. He’s a liar.



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