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Hacksaw’s New Co-Host, JD Hayworth, is an Infomercial Scam Artist? Perfect.

  YouTube – JD Hayworth filmed this infomercial in November 2007 for a company called National Grants Conferences – widely regarded as a fraud and a scam. “It is for real.” – JD Hayworth. I already told you all about … Continue reading

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Hacksaw Calling Me “Slobshots” Wins The Day

Slobshots, Captain of the Haters Team here. Apparently all my friends are “guys fired”, “demoted members media” and “partimers.” I guess we can add spelling to Mahan’s list of virtues. Obviously I didn’t listen to Mahan’s show this morning to … Continue reading

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Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton: Liar or Moron?

I’ve been silent for too long. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me, lobsters. Last night, after a few readers brought some things to my attention, I can no longer be silent. I’m fired up. … Continue reading

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