Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton: Liar or Moron?

I’ve been silent for too long. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me, lobsters. Last night, after a few readers brought some things to my attention, I can no longer be silent. I’m fired up. But first, a little background…

I don’t know Paul Mahon personally. Yes, that’s Hacksaw’s real name. I do know, through the radio, through twitter, the character that he plays. This character drives me crazy. I can’t listen to him. I can’t stand him. Every few months, I actually force myself to listen to his 1090AM morning show for about 20 minutes, just to make sure that all the dislike I have for his schtick, his show, his everything… is still merited. It is. He’s an industry dinosaur that has become a caricature of himself.

I don’t know anybody that actually listens to the Hack’s show. I know they’re out there, or else there wouldn’t be a show, I just don’t know them. Ratings must show that people listen. The attempts from The Mighty 1090 management to hype the announcement of a co-host for his show have continually fallen flat. The only excitement that surrounded this hype was the prospect of Kevin Acee possibly becoming his co-host. I even showed my excitement with my amazing bitmap paint skills.

Alas, Ace and Hacksaw was not meant to be… as Acee tweeted out.

That’s Acee taking the high road. Bad move by 1090, now there’s zero chance I’ll ever listen to Mahon. (Jim Steeg as a co-host for Hack would’ve been interesting too, but I don’t think that was ever much of a reality) So, Acee and Steeg are out, and this must be great news for Chris Ello & Ben Higgins, a morning show that I do listen to, over at AM1360 – I have to imagine their ratings will continue to rise while the Hacksaw’s will continue to fall. Sure, they’ll be a spike whenever they finally announce a co-host, because folks will be curious… but once the hype settles down, the show will go back to its same ole, tired, “bleepin’ brilliant” schtick.

Aside: I hate so much that we have a sports radio station that gives Hacksaw a premium morning platform, and slides the Darren Smith Show into the mid-day 12-3PM slot. It’s a travesty. If 1090’s not going to have Darren in the slot he used to be in… for the afternoon drive, give him mornings. It’s insulting to 1090 listeners to have to listen to the Hack. If you’re not familiar with all the recent shake-ups at The Mighty 1090, I wrote about them here back when they happened.

Now, on to what’s really got me fired up. Twitter. Twitter and lies. Twitter and lies and idiocy. I love twitter. I know a lot of you lobsters don’t, but I do. It’s a great social media platform. However, if used poorly, it can be used to expose people… to expose liars, cheaters, adulterers, racists, morons… you name it. In Mahon’s case, there are documented cases at The Mighty 1090 where a radio host will accidentally leave their twitter account logged on and leave for the day. (Clearly an unfortunate oversight on their part.) Then, in the morning, the Hack will come in like a tweeting Tasmanian Devil and start firing off tweets about his show from someone else’s account.

This has happened at least twice to Darren Smith and at least once to Craig Elsten. Those are just the documented cases I know about. For those of you not on twitter… just imagine a co-worker getting a hold of your personal Facebook account or your cell phone, and then posting updates, pictures, messages, or texts… as if they were you. I don’t think the Hack does this intentionally, I just think he’s too old and dumb to have the wits about him to check to see if it’s actually his account he’s tweeting from. If you don’t know how to use twitter… don’t do it. It’s embarrassing. You’re supposed to be a professional, Mahon. Your tweets are an extension of your radio show, and if you don’t know what you’re doing… learn, or stop. It’s simple.

Last night, Paul Mahon went out of his way to go on a twitter rant attacking a “hater” on twitter that wasn’t even the actual person that “hated” on him. I’ve taken a bunch of screengrabs from twitter to illustrate this.

So, this guy, @PeterHarris1963, clearly likes to heckle the Hack.  (pay attention to that twitter name, because you’ll find that twitter handles actually matter and if there’s even one misplaced character, you’re now speaking to a completely different person) Well, these tweets really got Hacksaw fired up last night. (Now, in an attempt to make this post easier for the non-tweeting reader, some of these tweet screengrabs will be spliced together, and a little out of order, but their context remains in tact)

Awesome. @PeterHarris1963 just magically became @PeterHarris23! No tweets, no followers, no nothing… let’s get him, Mahon!

What’s this? A NEW Peter Harris!!?! Wooh-hooo! The Tasmanian Hacksaw strikes again! This new Peter doesn’t even exist. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the content of these tweets. Hacksaw is known for pre-recording interviews, and he always comes back to this Arthur Ashe interview as his defense for it. Let me be clear, I don’t give a crap if you pre-record some interviews because you wouldn’t be able to do them otherwise. What I do give a crap about… IS LYING TO YOUR LISTENERS BY NOT TELLING THEM IT’S PRE-RECORDED, YOU CLOWN.

So, after this rant to multiple Peters, Hacksaw put his foot down on twitter cowards.

I actually agree with Hack here, to a certain extent, that twitter gives courage to cowards. But this whole, “you can’t say anything about me unless you talk to me on air or email me privately” crap… is the biggest load of rubbish ever. I’ve got a blog, Mahon… I’m gonna use it. Go say whatever you want about me on air… I welcome it. What I don’t welcome, is you attacking someone on twitter that you’ve never spoken to. That’s right, folks… meet a new Peter Harris! If you’re keeping score at home… this is the FOURTH Peter.

Yes, you read that correctly. Mahon messed up on the twitter handle again, and invited all of his 3,400+ followers to attack some innocent dude from Canada that has never even heard of Mahon. That’s assault, brutha. Seriously, call it an “honest mistake” if you want… but I call it a loose freaking cannon that doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing that is putting The Mighty 1090 at risk for a harassment suit. What an idiot. Even if he didn’t put a space in there, between “@PeterHarris” and “23”, he’d have still gotten the handle wrong from the original @PeterHarris1963. Moron.

Oh, you thought I was done? Not even close. Immediately after the Tasmanian Hacksaw ripped into 4 different Peters… he asked his followers a question. “How many out of town-out of state followers do we have…Tweet us and let us know where you are?” That’s cool. I’m into that. Let’s check out the responses.

I spliced those together. That is every single locational response that Hacksaw got from his question prior to the response he gave that I’ll show you shortly. You see, Mahon, twitter isn’t like text messaging. You can’t just throw out blanket statements like, “an inside source texted me” that nobody can actually verify because it’s on your personal phone… no, twitter is public. We can actually see all the responses you got. That’s all of ’em. So let’s see how Mahon responded.

Well, that’s funny, Mahon. I didn’t see any tweets from Newfoundland, Afghanistan, NY, Vermont, San Antonio, Eugene, or Montreal. I underlined the green responses that actually happened. Are you a grown-ass man just making up friends across the world that listen to your show? That’s really sad, actually. A “baseball fan” that used to listen to you on Sirus-XM? You freaking kidding me? (Now, I will say that it is technically possible that tons of people with a private twitter accounts that no one else can see tweeted Hack. Yeah, riiiight.) I’m not saying he doesn’t have listeners in all those places, maybe he does… I’m saying that all those people didn’t tweet that back to him. He’s lying, right? Unless he can provide some tweets that I magically missed, in which case I’ll gladly stand corrected. Turns out I wasn’t the only one that wanted to see these mystery tweets. In a very lovable, encouraging way, I saw that Craig Elsten asked a similar question.

Want to know Hacksaw’s response to Elsten’s question? *crickets* He didn’t say a damn thing. Speaks volumes, huh? A listener from Afghanistan? Why wouldn’t you retweet that? That’s an awesome tweet to receive. Uh, because it never happened. Interesting that Mahon didn’t even mention the guy from Iraq that actually DID tweet a response to him. Maybe this magical Mahon map can explain things for us?

That must be it. Hackganistan. One big magical place where people listen to the Hack.

It has to stop. All of it. Hacksaw is making a mockery of sports radio… of sports media as a whole. Mahon, you’re lying and deceiving your listeners and your followers. You should be ashamed of yourself. Quit making things up to make yourself look better. It’s pathetic.

I could go on, but I don’t have the energy. I’m spent. So, to answer the question asked in the headline, “Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton: Liar or Moron?” Easy. He’s both.


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