Jordan Baker Strikes Again…

gum-petco-6-1-13GumGate 2013, the plot thickens! You remember Jordan Baker, the gum throwing umpire that I had a confrontation with on Friday night. Well, I couldn’t make Saturday’s game, but there is photographic evidence that he was still busy chucking gum into the outfield on Saturday night. I have my sources, and no I will not reveal how I got that picture, but I can 100% say with confidence that is a photo of the gum that Jordan Baker threw into the outfield on 6/1/2013 at Petco Park.

Oh, one other thing. Jordan Baker’s wife just sent me a lengthy email defending her husband. As you can imagine, she wasn’t pleased with my blog about him. More to come on this later as the drama is still unfolding….

Here’s the un-MS-painted version of the photo.


**UPDATE: He’s still throwing gum and blowing calls in St. Louis***


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