Wow. Jordan Baker, Gum-Throwing Ump, is Burning Bridges Across America

jordan-baker-blown call

Safe! That’s the blown call… a terrible, terrible call. That happened last night in the Cardinals v. D-Backs game. After the blown call, Jordan Baker ejected Alan Trammel for arguing the obvious out. There’s footage and commentary here. That’s when Arizona fans bombarded the comment boards on Lobshots here. They continued their comments over at the follow-up blog. Seriously, they went nuts.  Never before have so many Zonies visited the site in Lobshots history. Turns out the broadcast crew in Arizona is full of lobsters too. Check this out.

Yup! They call out Jordan Baker’s gum-throwing antics. They lay on the sarcasm pretty thick by calling Baker’s nasty little habit, “his tradition and his salute to Major League Baseball.” This is where Lobshots comes into play, he “got into a brew-ha-ha with the fans in San Diego in an extra inning ballgame… they called him on it, and of course, he confronted the fans.” That footage above is from a website. Think Selig or Joe Torre know about it yet? I do.

I’m getting a lot of heat because I’ve yet to post the three emails his wife sent me. I’m still in discussions with her… patience, lobsters, patience.


[lobbed by every D-backs fan in the state of Arizona, Lance was the first dude to bring to my attention]

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