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Who is Jordan Baker, Anyway?

Hi there. Brady Phelps here. I write for this sports blog called LobShots. This one’s gonna be a long one. I went to a Padres game one week ago today. I got really fired up that an umpire was throwing … Continue reading

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Is This Real Life? A Lead Story on Yahoo.com?

Boy, that escalated quickly… I mean,┬áthat really got out of hand fast. -bp

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Wow. Jordan Baker, Gum-Throwing Ump, is Burning Bridges Across America

Safe! That’s the blown call… a terrible, terrible call. That happened last night in the Cardinals v. D-Backs game. After the blown call, Jordan Baker ejected Alan Trammel for arguing the obvious out. There’s footage and commentary here. That’s when … Continue reading

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Jordan Baker Strikes Again…

GumGate 2013, the plot thickens! You remember Jordan Baker, the gum throwing umpire that I had a confrontation with on Friday night. Well, I couldn’t make Saturday’s game, but there is photographic evidence that he was still busy chucking gum … Continue reading

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Gum Throwing Umpire, Jordan Baker, Has No Respect for Baseball

Gumgate 2013! That’s me. A very angry me. This minor league fill-in umpire, Jordan Baker, needs to be fired. Okay, maybe fired is a bit harsh… but fined at least. Or sent back to the bush leagues. This piece of … Continue reading

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