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san diego…. SUPER CHARGERS!

Click to enlarge. From the artist: “It’s a Dodge eat Dodge world out there, but them San Diego boys have done it again!” Love this! Helluva game last night by the Bolts. Great team win. Thanks to Nick Novak, Keenan … Continue reading

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My Day at Chargers Park… Overwhelmingly Amazing

I’m overwhelmed. A behind-the-scenes day at Chargers Park… watching practice from the field followed by a catered dinner with Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates… there are no words to describe it. Yet, here I am, attempting to do exactly that. … Continue reading

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It’s Official: “Peebowing” has a Website Now

This is so idiotic. I hesitated to even post it because I’ve already commented ad nauseum about Nick Novak peeing on the sidelines, and how, despite his missed FGs, I love Nick Novak. I even commented how stupid I thought … Continue reading

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So Nick Novak Got Caught Peeing on the Sidelines, So What…

How is this exploding the internet right now? Poor Nick. I, like everybody else, saw CBS with the cameras on Novak while he was taking a leak on the sidelines and thought, “no way… no way CBS is this dumb.” … Continue reading

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