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Philip Rivers Pays Tribute to the Injured Nick Hardwick

Glad that Philip Rivers kept Hardwick’s no. 61 on his helmet for the actual game. What a stud. #chargers pic.twitter.com/rc1icVX0E1 — Brady Phelps (@LobShots) September 14, 2014 This is one of my favorite sub-plots from the amazing Chargers win over … Continue reading

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A Shirtless Nick Hardwick With Mike Silver? Sure, Why Not?

Couple ‘a hotties, right there. -bp

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My Day at Chargers Park… Overwhelmingly Amazing

I’m overwhelmed. A behind-the-scenes day at Chargers Park… watching practice from the field followed by a catered dinner with Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates… there are no words to describe it. Yet, here I am, attempting to do exactly that. … Continue reading

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Did Vincent Jackson really high-five a ref after a touchdown? Sure looks like it. The real questions here is did Nick Hardwick also high-five a ref during that same touchdown? If he did… did they have it planned? Very intrigued … Continue reading

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